associate professor, director of undergraduate studies

dept of communication, uw-milwaukee

curriculum vitae


i grew up in milwaukee, and i’m a graduate of uw-milwaukee’s communication department. i earned my BA (1994) and my MA (1996) here, and my first TA assignment was in comm 101. i earned my doctorate from the university of texas, and loved living in austin, but was also excited to come back home in 2000 (although i doubt my sanity when winter comes around every year).

i love teaching and learning about close relationships; i’m a fascinated observer and a classic over-analyzer. i also enjoy guilty-pleasure television, ashtanga yoga, indie music, and chai. i live with one husband (you may know him!), one kitty, and one greyhound.

i have been vegan since october 2004 (vegetarian since february 1993) and i am super-passionate about animal rights. i’ll talk your ear off about veganism if you’re interested (but i won’t if you’re not).

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